Mousepad accessory of merino wool felt or Italian leather

Stylish Surfing: Getting ‘Round with Pack & Smooch!

It has been almost half a century since the first computer mouse saw the light of day. It was in 1968 when Douglas C. Engelbart, an American computer engineer, sat on a stage in San Francisco with a wooden box and navigated a huge computer with his mouse. Not even 15 years later, computers and their tools were already permanent fixtures of many offices – and most of them with a touchpad from Xerox.

A Stylish Accessory of High-Quality Materials

Since then, the advantages of a mouse pad have been at our fingertips: greater speed, precision and comfort when operating a computer – and, of course, style. It’s here that Pack & Smooch enters the game. For us, mousepads are not flashy and loud desktop items stamped with canned proverbs or trite advertising slogans (or even worse… mouse gray). For us, they are a stylish accessory of high quality materials intended to keep luxury at your fingertips.

After all, it doesn’t take much to give a touch of grandeur to something as simple as ordering a four-cheese pizza. All you need is our Mousepad in your choice of wool or leather – handmade from pure merino wool felt or fine Italian leather. The 21cm underlay is the ideal basis for all commercially available computer mice. It saves your tabletop from scratches and other signs of wear that your clicker would inevitably leave behind.

Anti-Slip Guarantee with Vacuum Foil

Because of the special coating on the underside of our mouse pads, your mouse will never slip out of reach again. A non-slip coating made of natural rubber grips the table on the wool felt version. Whereas, the leather mousepad is held in place by the “Suction Cup Foil” – a vacuum suction foil even better! The wool felt pad is available in dark gray, and the leather in light or dark brown.

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