We love wool felt

We are sure you guys know that we are definitely felt in love with felt since a long time ago. Here is an example again, of how great felt can be and how much potential the material has to made fine design accessoires like this handmade chair. As you now Pack & Smooch does also all their products like the new iPhone 6  and iPhone 6 Plus mobile cases by hand. Great to see that we are not alone using one of the oldest material. We absolutely like this kind of design furniture. It was designed by Ben K. Mickus. We found it at etsy, where it is available if you have some coins to spend 😉 We have not tried it yet, but it looks realy comfortable and stylish as well.


Mickus Projects is a furniture design studio founded in 2006 in Brooklyn by Ben K. Mickus, and currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our products harness the sensory experience created by the interplay between unique materials. Our passion is craftsmanship enhanced by digital technology.

The studio’s design process is set up around a Venn diagram of research, collaboration, and experimental design. We begin each project with a deep investigation into materials and form, and develop designs in collaboration with specialists and local craftsmen.

Sustainability and new fabrication techniques are inherent in the Mickus Projects M.O. We search for clever ways to minimize the environmental impact of our products by calling attention to a sophisticated logic and intrinsic beauty.

Mickus Projects creates objects whose details mix function and flirtation. Our look-at-me attitude of form-making is imbued with a broad agenda for what we think design can do today. Once we have your attention, prepare for an experience.

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