Stylish shopping bag made of wool felt: YORK

A new addition to Pack & Smooch’s product family! Presenting the bag for every occasion – York, our new tote bag. It is not only a classic shopping bag, it is too good for this purpose alone. It is perfect for a glamorous stroll through the city before or after work or even from uni. It has three additional pockets for your tablet, mobile phone and keys, thereby making it a most practical companion for the daily grind. With a width of 38 cm, a height of 32 cm and a depth of 16 cm it offers you plenty of space for various provisions and all the important things in life. Thanks to its very stable straps, which add a touch of elegance to York, you are able to have it firmly gripped in your hands or comfortably and securely slung over your shoulder. The high quality wool felt is an absolute eye-catcher. It’s 100% natural, robust, water-repellent and basically just nice to look at, all of which make it a must-have accessory. The new York is way more than just a shopping bag. It is available in anthracite-dark brown and grey-light brown in our Online shop.

100% Merino Wool Felt Insulates Perfectly and Allows Water Droplets to Just Roll Off

Our tote bag, York, has been created and manufactured in Hamburg using only ecologically sustainable materials. Our raw wool comes from the Merino sheep, famous for its fine wool. It is processed to superior quality wool felt here in Germany. We use this product because we are convinced of its beautiful surface feel and of its quality. It acts as an antistatic,insulates perfectly and also repels water. With a thickness of 3 mm it is a very strong material. Thanks to the wool felt it is also exceptionally easy to clean York. Simply use a damp cloth to dab it clean. Even heavy dirt can be easily removed with a mild soap.

The Leather for the Straps has undergone a Vegetable Tanning Process

The straps of York have been made from natural leather obtained from original Bavarian cattle hides which have undergone a vegetable tanning process. It is true that it is time-consuming and more expensive but it is also better for you and me and the environment. Only natural tanning agents such as bark or rhubarb are used. Leather is a naturally changeable material that darkens a little with time. The Bavarian leather which we use is one of the finest on the market and it maintains its appearance. If however a tiny scratch should appear, simply use a damp cloth and small circular movements to gently polish the affected area. If bigger scratches and the like should appear these are also easy to remove by using a slightly waxed cloth for polishing leather.

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