A timeless adaptation: making place for the new iPad Pro 9.7”

The development of our everyday electronic devices is proceeding at a breakneck speed. Smartphones, tablets, notebooks regularly and reliably come up with new functions, gimmicks and design features. Sometimes one can find comfort in things moving a little slower in our analog lives and also in the packaging of our little technological helpers. You can count on Pack & Smooch to help you with this.

Pack & Smooch meets the challenges of innovation with subtle and practical finesse

We rely on proven design and materials in all of our cases, bags and accessories. We treat the digital innovations in mobile phones, tablets and laptops with subtle and especially practical finesse. For the youngest member of the Apple family, the iPad Pro 9.7” we have adapted our popular Hampshire case. We really just had to modify its measurements. However, the additional accessory for the new tablet forced us to get creative. Because, after the introduction of the Apple pencil for the 12.9” iPad Pro, the pencil is now also compatible with the classical 9.7” iPad format.

Leather strap holder for the new iPad Pro 9.7” pencil

The question of where to put the pencil for the bigger iPad Pro 12.9″ we already answered by sewing a narrow band of felt onto the front of Hampshire. In reengineering Hampshire to fit the iPad Pro 9.7” we wanted to change the storage position of the pencil from vertical to horizontal. A small leather strap secured with a brass button at the top edge of the front pocket serves to hold the pencil. Securely stored yet easily accessible.

Hampshire for the iPad Pro 9.7” is available in both our wellknown colour combinations dark grey with dark leather and light grey with light leather. Of course the case offers more than enough space to store your smart keyboard and the grip application allows for secure handling. Hampshire is also closed using our tried and tested ultra flat yet very strong magnetic fastener.

An Alternative to Hampshire is our Lleyn case and Corriedale bag

By the way: the new iPad Pro 9.7” also fits into our tailormade case Lleyn, together with its keyboard und for example a small notepad, headphones and of course the Apple pencil. However, with Lleyn there is no separate storage space for the Apple pencil. The case distinguishes istelf through its minimalistic design combined with high functionality. Lleyn is available in 3 colours dark grey, dark grey/blue and dark grey/red.

And, of course, in considering the new iPad Pro 9.7” we dare not forget Corriedale. Corriedale is not Tailormade for the new tablet, but does offer it a whole lot of space. Here, for example, you can easily store you charger whereas, with Hampshire and Lleyn, you can only store the charger’s USB cable. Corriedale is available in 2 colours dark grey/dark brown and light grey/light brown.

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