Setting an example for the self-made trend

Pack & Smooch in the Süddeutsche newspaper

Be it the hand-knit sweater or the self-preserved strawberry jam, those things which used to be considered outdated and old-fashioned are now a boom especially among young people. Self-made everyday products have the image of being particularly stylish and distinct simply because they are just that. Indeed, the beginnings of the do-it-yourself craze which spilled over here from North America are already a few years behind us. But the enthusiasm for DIY – the now commonly used abbreviation for “Do it yourself” – has remained. In bookstores one can find stacks of works on the subject of “handicrafts”; DIY products are being offered all over the internet; and knit cafés are swarming with creative twentysomethings.

Five German providers from Etsy and DaWanda talk

But can one actually make a living from self-made? With this and other questions journalist Kathrin Stein of the Süddeutsche Zeitung went to some production facilities for DIY-movers who sell their handmade goods on preferred platforms such as Etsy and DaWanda. In late September the answers of five entrepreneurs in the self-made industry were published in an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung and at – including that of Clemens Burkert, founder and shareholder of Pack & Smooch. He talked, among other things, about how he came up with the business idea and how it all began. At the end he didn’t refrain from mentioning: “We can make a good living from our bags.”

Do-it-yourself is more tradition than trend for Pack & Smooch

At Pack & Smooch we’re proud that we, with our work, are being noticed by the public and viewed as a positive example for the development of DIY. But we don’t actually see ourselves as representatives of a ‘trend’. We work strictly speaking according to a long-established tradition: to produce manually and locally over short distances by fair means and using high-quality materials. And hopefully it is not just a trend that many people want to operate and do business sustainably. That we repair, improve, reuse or create something completely new. Meanwhile 320,000 people are offering their products on the German online marketplace DaWanda. According to the e-commerce provider based in Berlin, something self-made is being ordered every 20 seconds. About 1.5 million ‘self-made’ users are bustling about on its American equivalent Etsy, which has around 32 million items available for purchase.

Fine DIY product: cell phone cover Shetland on Spiegel Online

Complementing the most recent media presence of Pack & Smooch as well as that of our DIY products, we’ve managed to make the Style section of Spiegel Online! Under the heading “Alternative iPhone covers: Fine pouches”, Netzwelt editor Matthias Kremp introduces different ways for giving your gadget an individual look. The article has a photo gallery where the reader can click from one luxury design to the next and invariably happen upon the cell phone cover Shetland from Pack & Smooch. At 19.80 EUR the stylish wool felt case is by far the most favorably priced of all the fine pouches – a “real steal”, Spiegel Online writes.

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