Pack and Smooch is freeing itself: with the new Protonet Maya

We Hamburgers know, from tradition, how to successfully defend ourselves against floods. We also know how to defend ourselves against floods of data. Pack and Smooch is distancing itself from external servers and cloud services and is forging a new way with its digital network. Namely, with the personal server, Maya, that our friends from the computer manufacturer Protonet have recently brought to the market. We have the feeling that, with its up to 1 terabyte of storage capacity and its social operating system, Protonet SOUL was made just for us. Because we, like so many young and emerging companies, do our business on the internet and communicate and exchange information with external partners and customers. With the Maya box we always know where our data is. In principal, the server operates similarly to the storage services of Google, Dropbox or Skype. However, we decide who has access to the data and most importantly – it is on our server Protonet Maya and nowhere else.

World record for the fastest crowdfunding campaign broken

Protonet, the young provider of storage solutions from Hamburg is making history. The founder Ali Jelveh (34) was aware of what a tricky place the internet could be long before the NSA scandal and stories of data theft were keeping us busy. He was working on an idea of how data could be optimally protected from the outside. Then, together with his partner Christopher Blum (25), he created the company Protonet. This Altona start-up holds the record for the fastest crowdfunding campaign. In a matter of 90 minutes they had raised 750 000 Euros. Their goal of raising 1,5 million Euros was shortly thereafter achieved. More than 1000 individuals invested in the vision of these two. As a thank you investors were promised a share of any possible future profits. This set this campaign apart from other more classic crowdfunding campaigns where investors typically receive an exemplar of the financed product.

Cardholders for Protonet

We are incredibly proud that we may accompany the boys in some small way on their course of success. We shared a stand with Protonet at last years Internationalen Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin. An association of necessity quickly became a friendly cooperation. It was just a question of time before Maya became a very important part of our digital network. This year, by the way, we are extending our partnership. Protonet will be receiving a Keswick cardholder as an exclusive employee gift. A few Pack and Smooch laptop cases will also be going to the main investors of the company. Apart from this, Keswicks will be offered as exclusive additional products in the Protonet store and placed on offer under the server boxes.

Protonet supports local partnerships and sustainability just like Pack and Smooch

Pack and Smooch and Protonet fit together perfectly. Just like us, this company from Altona believes in the advantages of local production. The majority of their hardware is manufactured in Germany – more specifically in Hamburg. Shorter communication channels mean a higher level of quality control and flexibility. The Protonet servers are assembled in the offices of these storage pioneers and in this way the Maya is produced in an energy efficient way. As regards all things sustainable, we are more or less soulmates. The sustainable use of resources is also considered in the packaging that Protonet uses – the box in which the Maya is delivered can be very easily transformed into a shelf. The keyword here is “upcycling”. Best of all, in their normal operating state, the Maya and the other servers do not use more electricity than a lightbulb!

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