Pack & smooch wishes you a peaceful and Merry Christmas!

Dear fans of Pack & smooch, at first, it seems difficult to choose the right words for a Christmas greeting these days – at the end of such a tragic year for so many people around the world. But then, after a moment’s pause, we realize that it truly isn’t so hard after all – we simply need the words which cross our lips or jump from the keyboard every year, only with a bit more feeling and compassion when we use them:

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a peaceful and Merry Christmas!

If you are free to live in peace, be joyful. Let this joy ring out in unison with your families, with your partners and among friends. Share it with the people who are most dear to you, that have shaped you and those with whom you’ve overcome challenges. Laugh with each other. And be mindful of just how lucky you are to share a table in peace with the people you love. This is a virtue worth safeguarding in our lives, even when all around us irrationality and hatred seem to be running rampant. It will not happen on its own. But together, you and us, and only together, can we make a difference.

We feel connected with you – with you as customers, as fans of our products, but above all, connected with you as people, at home all over the world.

Our Warmest Season’s Greetings – Your Pack & Smooch Team

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