We wish you a happy New Year with things that are tried and tested!

Out with the old, in with the new!

Pack and Smooch would like to wish all of its loyal fans a healthy, peaceful and happy 2017! Out with the old, in with the new? That only applies to the year, not our products. Most of our bags, covers and accessories are like a line that stretches out from yesterday, through today and into the future. Timeless design and sustainable quality – that’s what we stand for!

It’s important for us to give you the certainty that, with our designs and materials, you’ll be as stylish and trendy in the summer of 2017 as you were one or two years ago. If you want, still with the same product. No problem. Here at Pack & Smooch there are ongoing developments and innovations. We’re gradually improving our products, and standardising or adapting our designs. After all, the  devices that are protected by our covers and bags are  continually changing, in terms of both technology and design.

Keeping up with developments using subtle and practical refinements

We keep up with new developments in mobile phones, tablets and laptops using subtle, and most importantly, practical updates and refinements to our products. For example, when the iPad Pro 9.7 came out in 2016, we adapted our much-loved Hampshire MacBook cover. Actually we just needed to adapt its measurements. However the accessories for the new tablet meant that we had to be creative. When the Apple Pencil was introduced for the larger iPad Pro 12.9, the pencil was also compatible with the classic iPad 9.7.

We resolved the question of where to put the pencil in the Hampshire cover for the larger iPad Pro 12.9 by sewing a narrow strip of felt on to the edge of the front pocket. In this way, we created a secure place to put the Apple Pencil. When we were looking for a suitable place for the Pencil whilst adapting the Hampshire cover for the iPad Pro 9.7, we changed from portrait to landscape format. We attached a small leather flap, securely fastened with a rivet to the top edge of the front pocket, to serve as a holder for the Pencil. Safely stored away, but easily accessible.

Following the improvements to the MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pro 15, with their innovative touch bars and sensors, we gave the Hampshire bags a facelift. As with other items in our range, we rounded the corners in keeping with the basic design of the Apple products. In this way, we brought the covers up-to-date –  elegant, minimalistic and of course not breaking with tradition. They guarantee the same protection from scratches, knocks and bumps when the unit is closed, even when it is charging.

We make it possible for you to carry cameras securely and easily

In the past year, new products have been added to our range, and we’ll really get going with them in the new year. „Heidschnucke“ gives all stylish and responsible camera owners a way to make sure that their cameras can be carried securely. The attractive and comfortable  wool felt strap for the wrist has a leather fastener, is ergonomically designed and suitable for all types of camera.

In 2016, the Wiltshire, our new camera carrying strap, proved that providing accessories for cameras is no problem for us. Many conventional straps are relatively complicated when it comes to attaching them to or detaching them from the camera. That’s why we developed a strap with a universal quick-release fastener, that can easily be attached to or removed from almost any type of camera. Although the Wiltshire is light and easy to carry, it can easily carry up to 2 kilogrammes of weight.

Pack & Smooch on a flying visit to the  Swedish metropolis Göteborg

In the summer we, or rather our products, travelled to Sweden. As part of its international marketing road show, the town of Hamburg stopped in Göteborg to show the Swedish people the best of what it has to offer including Corriedale, Kirkby und Corby. Almost 100,000 tourists from the home of Billy and Pax visit Hamburg every year. In the area around the Alster, around 800companies are involved with export trade with Sweden. Therefore it’s only right that the Swedish people had the chance to familiarise themselves with our bags, covers and accessories. (In addition to the online presence on screenguard.se)

Shock resistant polycarbonate and chic leather for the iPhone 7

And of course we’ll also have new products on offer in 2017: the shock resistant and slim iPhone 7 case called Chester with the  motto: „Vegetable Tanned Leather – Smart For Our Nature! Polycarbonate – Smart For Your Phone!” Our new addition protects your iPhone from knocks, bumps and scratches. More importantly, Chester fits well and securely in your hand, and prevents the smartphone from slipping out of your grasp. Also, due to the treatment that it received during manufacture, you don’t have to worry about the leather cracking.

We’re looking forward to 2017 – with you, with our products, with new developments, and the things we have already tried and tested. Happy new year! We’re looking forward to it!


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