New Hampshire MacBook Pro sleeves

Round and Round We Go: Hampshire Facelift for the new MacBook Pro 13 and 15

Fingerprint sensor and mini touch-screen on the keyboard: The new MacBook Pro 13 and 15 models are full of surprises with their innovative new controls. The Touch ID now makes it easier to log on to the laptop: No more typing a password, simply place a finger on the sensor. What’s more, Internet purchases can now be authorized. The Touch Bar, a narrow screen above the keypad, displays dynamic control buttons, emoticons and word suggestions. What is new to the MacBook Pro sleeves Hampshire ?

New rounded corners seamlessly blend cutting-edge style and traditional good looks

macbook-pro-2016-hampshire-huelle-filz-italienisches-leder-handmade-by-pack-smoochPack & Smooch has greeted these innovations with a facelift for the Hampshire MacBook Pro sleeves. As with other models of our range, we have tailored our custom-fit MacBook Pro sleeves to the design of the Apple products and have rounded the corners. The minimalist covers are the vanguard of elegance, all the while maintaining the long-standing tradition of guaranteeing protection from scratches and bumps. The cleverly integrated front pocket offers space for a note pad, pen, external hard drive, or headphones. Hampshire uses magnetic buttons in the front pocket, which have no direct contact with the notebook.

The remodeled Mac Pro is now about 200 grams lighter

The two new MacBook Pro models look practical and futuristic with their new features, but are around 300 euros more expensive than their predecessors. If the sensory subtleties on the keyboard are too much modern jazz for you, the new MacBook Pro 13 is also available without the Touch ID and Touch Bar. A pleasant side effect of the remodelling is that the devices are now about 200 grams lighter. The 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs just 20 grams more than a MacBook Air. Additionally, they have made it a few millimeters thinner. To accomplish this, the keyboard had to be flattened and now looks similar to the 12-inch MacBook.

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s all the more important that these delicate notebooks are safely and attractively stored. For the new Hampshire MacBook Pro sleeves, as always, we use only high-quality, purely natural materials. Following traditional methods, our raw Merino sheep wool is processed in Germany to a remarkably dense wool felt. The material not only feels pleasant, but is naturally water repellent and antistatic. Add the perfect ‘touch’ to your look with a luxuriously re-designed Hampshire bag and the new MacBook Pro.

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