Need a customization ? It couldn’t be more unique: Your monogram with our new online tool

Pack & Smooch bietet Produktindividualisierungen für seine Lederprodukte an

We have come a long way with the design of our cases, bags and accessories, and we’re not done yet. Elsewhere, we are literally just getting started with our ABCs! Now you can give the Keswick business card case and the Kirkby iPhone case your individual signature – just christen them with the name of your choice. Online, live and in color if you want. Individualize your product with our embossing process.

Our new product customization provides you with eight characters in upper and lower case, including punctuation. We have chosen the classical elegance of the Latin Standard font. Let your personalized monogram shine in gold and silver. Or you can choose blind embossing, the natural styling created by the heat on the leather during the embossing process.

“What you see is what you get” – from natural style to gold and silver

customization gift idea - mobiloe case kirkby by packandsmoochOnce the colour and name have been determined, you can start working directly: Label the selected product in real time – with our unique live tool in the online shop. “What you see is what you get.” With just the right pressure, our customization machine presses heated embossing dies with the characters of your choice into the leather of business card cases or cell phone cases.

The embossing process originates from book production, for the lettering of leather covers.

It guarantees a clean and durable result. Modern laser marking, ironically, looks quite old: It leaves sharp-edged, rough patches and the smell of burnt leather. The embossing, on the other hand, finishes smooth and fine – matching the excellent workmanship and material quality of our products.

Make yourself and your loved one a uniquely memorable gift

Since 2010, we have been using this method to immortalize the Pack & Smooch logo in the leather of our products. Branding in its purest sense! For our product customization, we have set up a new workstation with a position frame specially designed for Keswick and Kirkby. Make your mark – and you will make yourself or your loved one a unique and truly memorable gift!

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