Corby – the smart storage receptacle

Empty your pockets: Corby will help you cast off any unnecessary baggage – and find it again.

Everyone knows what it feels like to cast off all the unnecessary baggage when you get home after a long day’s work. Not just mentally but also physically. You close your apartment door with an energetic push, you throw your shoes across the room, sling your jacket over the nearest chair back, put your keys on the kitchen table, leave your mobile on the sofa, your wallet or purse on the dresser in the hall … or did you put it on the bookshelf in the living room or the shelf in the bathroom?

Pack & Smooch makes all these issues superfluous: thanks to Corby, the smart storage receptacle made of finest Merino wool felt in combination with the best Italian natural leather. Put an end to searching for mislaid keys and valuables scattered around the apartment. Corby is the ideal solution when you want to empty your pockets for storing the daily belongings, which we all constantly carry around with us and put down from time to time and then have to look for them again. Strategically positioned near the door the stylish fabric receptacle provides the perfect permanent place at home where you can safely deposit your mobile, wallet or purse, lighter, your MP3 player and plenty of other useful everyday companions.

Put an end to those chronically full pockets for all those who love to keep an array of small items in their trouser and jacket pockets: Instead of random collections of coins – scattered all over the apartment – Corby creates an appropriate place to keep all your small change. Say goodbye to the days of forgotten tickets and receipts in the washing machine. Corby will keep the entire contents of your trouser pockets safely and stylishly in one place. Not just at home but also in the office or when you’re travelling it looks after any kind of manageable goods which need to be carried about. It’s reassuring to know where things are when you need them again.

Corby can be transformed into its practical shell shape by clicking together the top-quality branded snap buttons manufactured by Prym. When it’s unbuttoned it’s as flat as a pancake and easily fits in with your holiday luggage. The shell base made of pure leather tanned with pure vegetable oil stores your mobile case, wallet or purse and your keyholder with reliable stability wherever you are.

Dimensions: 24 cm x 24 cm x 0.5 cm
Corby is available in two colors: Dark grey/dark brown and grey/light brown

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