Cardholder wallet: The new Keswick

A long long time ago, way before our time, when people still paid for things with heavy talers, the wallet was commonly referred to as a „money bag“. In the 19th century, students began referring to them as „coin cabinets“. The words „bag“ and „cabinet“ implying a lot of space. The average earner of today still generally prefers a wallet with a lot of space for coins.

An Expression of Modern Zeitgeist and Tradition at the Same Time.

Pack & Smooch has re-thought the „money bags“ of the past and present and come up with a coin-free alternative to the classic wallet. We have called it Keswick and it is our brand spanking new cardholder wallet. Super snazzy and fairly produced, it is a fluffy expression of modern zeitgeist. Keswick represents sustainability and comfort in your hands and in your pockets. The cardholder wallet is produced here in Hamburg using only high quality and purely natural materials. Our raw wool comes from the Australian Merino sheep, famous for its fine wool. It is processed to superior quality wool felt here in Germany. The leather used for Keswick is natural leather obtained from original Bavarian cattle hides which has undergone a time-consuming vegetable tanning process.

Space for up to 8 Bank Cards and Faster Access to the Middle Section for Banknotes

The wallet was already a fashionable accessory in the 18th century and since then new and more playful models have been released into the market. Pack & Smooch is continuing in this tradition with its release of its cardholder wallet Keswick. It represents that typical Hanseatic understatement, a stylish minimalism which connects an awareness of today’s need for modesty with fashionable sophistication. Keswick has proven itself as a robust and flexible companion for everyday activities, but it is also the perfect companion for a night out on the town. It allows enough space for all the necessary banknotes, bank cards and business cards which one could need at the bar or in the club – all of which fit sleekly and securely into a pocket without providing excess bulk. Two compartments can take up to eight plastic cards. An asymmetrical seam provides you with easy access to the middle section for banknotes. All of the this giving you quick access to your money and your cards. Just visit our official onlineshop here.

⁃ 100 % Merino wool felt
⁃ natural, vegetable-tanned leather
⁃ 2 card compartments for up to 8 bank cards
⁃ a middle section for banknotes and business cards
⁃ measurements: 82 x 110 mm
– handcrafted in Germany

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