Camera strap Wiltshire made of leather and natural rubber

Strap one on! The stylish Wiltshire camera strap

A few years ago, in March 2013, the Süddeutsche Zeitung journalist Felicitas Kock quipped in a fashion column about an emerging trend: Hipsters with high-quality photo cameras in a retro look, casually dangling from a shoulder strap. She was insinuating that those walking through the city in this way, were rather than using the expensive old-school pieces, first and foremost carrying them as a fashion accessory.

Highest Quality, combined with function and style

We at Pack & smooch find that Felicitas Kock was not wrong. Especially, since the trend she described has grown in the past few years. But, we also think that it’s completely okay if someone wants to carry their camera purely for style. In fact, we would go one step further and say that we see not only the camera as a fashion accessory, but also the strap itself. And for us, it has to be Wiltshire. Our new camera strap combines the highest manufacturing quality with function and style.

Lightweight, and carries up to two kilos with ease

Many conventional straps only work with specific camera models. Often, it is quite difficult to attach it or remove it from the camera. Therefore, we have designed our belt with a universal quick release, which attaches in a flash. The Wiltshire fits on nearly all DSLR cameras. Although it is a light-weight, it carries up to two kilos without a problem. The belt can be used with or without the quick release (Connector).

No oversized camera manufacturer logos

Additionally, it bothered us that the respective manufacturer logo is far too present on many standard camera straps. Cheap materials like plastic or nylon also often give them an inferior touch. And above all, at least from our point of view, they fail to meet a standard of attractive design. For many manufacturers, they simply are not standalone accessories, but rather a functional item in the kit. Following the idea: The customer has to carry the camera somehow…

Camera strap Wiltshire made of Nappa leather and natural rubber paddingWith the Wiltshire, we have released a lightweight and ergonomic shoulder strap, which beguiles with the quality of its materials – Purely natural vegetable tanned German Nappa leather. The agility of this exclusive material is shown as it develops its own character over time and its natural charm is brought out by the light of day. Its feel and smell prove that it is one of the highest-quality natural leathers on the market. The leather sheaths a core of high-quality natural rubber, while offering a pleasant cushioning. The Wiltshire: a fashion product of the highest quality!
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